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Industrial City /Hasya/


TEL: + 963-31-360002
FAX: + 963-31-360003
Location: The industrial city is located to the south  southern of Homs city, approximately 47km away of it.The city enjoys an excellent location in the central of Syria and  has direct access to the domestic, regional and international roads, where it is 110 km away from Damascus the Syrian capital, around 300km from the borders with Turkey, 850km from Baghdad, 350km from the Jordanian capital of Amman, 150km from the in Damascus International Airport and 100 kilometers away from the coastline of Syria.
- The gross area of the city and the land distribution:
The city has a total area of / 2500 / ha, including:
/ 1210 / ha for industrial divisions.
·        / 75 / ha for the Management & Trade Centers.
·        / 222 / ha for the trades & occupations.
·        / 390 / ha of green areas, including the Green Belt to the main roads.
·        / 430 / ha for the workers and labors accommodations.
·        / 137 / ha for the main roads.
·        / 36 / ha for the play grounds.
- Industrial divisions:

The city contains / 1427 / industrial divisions distributed as follows:
  • / 561 / divisions with / 500-1800 / m² area.
  • / 243 / divisions with / 1801-4800 / m² area.
  • / 623 / divisions with / 4801-9600 / m² area.
Distribution of industrial divisions in the city has been done taking into account the environmental impact requirements.

- Estimated costs:
The estimated gross cost for the city were /7.5/ billion Syrian pounds and implemented were on three stages ending in 2025.
- Subsidies provided by the State:

The total cumulative value of the State subsidies amounted to SYP1.490 billion upto the year 2006, in addition to financing the power transfer stations under a loan granted from the Arab Economic and Social Development Fund,  with a total amount of / 2 / million Kuwaiti dinars and other benefits provided in the  coming years when needed.
- Sources of Water:
- Drinking & Industrial water in the industrial city of Hasya is from the area' wells which were dug by the management of the Industrial City.

- Climatic characteristics:
The soil in the industrial city is considered to be from limestone rock with hard surface type, noting that the deeper layers of 1.2 m under the natural land level is of agricultural soils layer – then small stones with some of the soft materials.
- Temperatures range from (6°) in January, (7°) in February and reaches to (34°) in June and July.
- The average relative humidity (60%) and reaches its ultimate in January to be (75%).

- Studies and implementation and the cumulative expenditure:
- Preparation for studies began at the beginning of 1998 and implementations were started at the beginning of 2001.
- The total value of the cumulative expenditure up to mid-2006 has reached approximately 1.814 billion Syrian pounds.
- The completion of infrastructure (roads - water - electricity - sewage - phones - gardens) for the first stage encompassed an area of 831 hectares. The second stage’s area was 831 hectares, in addition to the services buildings (phone departments – fire stations - clinics – police station – One Stop Shop – Management), also government banks’ buildings  (such as The Commercial - Industrial – Real estate and the Insurance Banks) began to be set up at the beginning of 2007.

- The reality of investment and the selling prices of industrial divisions: / was held on 31/9/2006 /:
The initial price per square meter of industrial division was / SYP635 / plus the cost of electricity transfer stations.
- Number of industrialist subscribers: 337, for the total area of 2485822m².
- Number of investors allocated with divisions: 337, for the total area of 2485822m².
- Number of building permits: 210.
- Number of factories already built: 187.
- Number of working factories: 26.
- Total value of dedicated (allocated) divisions: 1.578 billion Syrian pounds.
- Gross value of incomes (one third of the value of divisions + premium): 643.7 million Syrian pounds.
- The Industrial City Construction Regulation System:
The construction regulation system is applied according to the industrial division areas and is distributed over several categories, as follows:
- Category I: from 500m² to 1800m², the building percentage shall be 65%.
- Category II: from 1801m² to 4800m², the building percentage shall be 65%.
- Category III: from 4801m² to 9601m², and above the building percentage shall be 65% of the whole division.
With possibility to change the dimensions of the front, rear and side yards according to the space categories. 

- Most Important Projects Currently Functioning:
Company Name
Type of Industry
Division Area m²
Total Value of Investment (Million SYP)
No' of Workers
Tarif and Murhaf Al-Akhras Company (buildings)
Metal construction of (Hangars) – Ready-made concrete, mortar and mixing 
Hemple Company
Industrial and marine, household paints, varnish and buffering materials
Dawood and Attar company & Co.
Slaughter, prepare and freeze of poultry and birds
Muhammad Yahya
Production of fodder and the concentrated for poultry and ruminants
Ghazi, Faisal, Khalid and Maher Abu Qar'a
Paper tissues
- Projects under construction
Company Name
Type of Industry
Division Area m²
Volume of Investment (Milln SYP)
No' of Workers
The International Syrian-Iranian Car Company (Syvico)
Manufacture and assembly of
family cars
Middle East (Muhammad Murhaf Al-Akhras and Co.)
Squeezing olives, olive oil refining and production of vegetable oil from imported seeds for the production of vegetable hydrated ghee and margarine and packaging it for the sale in the domestic market and abroad
Middle East Company for the production of sugar
Refining raw sugar, production of white sugar, alcohol, molasses, yeast
Adwan Chemical Co. Ltd
Production of liquid sodium silicate
The Highlife Food Company
Pasteurization and packaging of milk, manufacturing and packaging powdered food (Dry Beverages) and packaging food powders (tea - vanilla - Baking Powder, coffee & cocoa
- Most Important Foreign and Arab Investment Projects:
No. of investors
Investor/ Company Name
Type of Industry
Islamic Republic of Iran
The International Syrian-Iranian Car Company (Syvico)
Manufacture and assemble of
family cars
Republic of Lebanon
Debaneh Company
Cirrus fertilizers (powder) and liquid fertilizers
Saudi Arabia
Nayif aggression + Almutaz Assawaf+ Mohamed Ahmed Basamah + Syrian-Saudi Company
Produce liquid sodium silicate, food & chemicals
Republic of Tunisia
Samir Alhawwat Bacheh
Decalcium phosphate production
State of Palestine
Adnan Younis
Women's clothing (inc. underwear) & ambient & plastic packaging tubes
Republic of Iraq
Ahmed Ismail Sulaiman
Potassium fertilizers, mixing the phosphate fertilizers to be used in agriculture, and manufacturing Hydrochloric acid
State of Kuwait
Hemple Paints company
Production of all types of paints

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